Sunday, 31 January 2016

Edexcel AS Photography / Art Exam 2016 Energy Power Dynamism Negative and Positive Space

AS Photograph / Art Exam 2016 Energy Power Dynamism Muybridge / Movement

Eadweard Muybridge was an English Landscape photographer who while in America in 1872 was asked by American Horse Breeder to settle an arguement about Horse movement. Using a bank of 12 cameras Muybridge produced series of photos that showed the stages in a movement.

Muybridges series of photos freezing movement were meant as an means of analysing movement, though he quickly realised the prints could be fixed in a zootrope to create a simulated moving image. By 1878-1880 technogy enabled the beginning of moving film,

Salle Gardner at a Gallop animated photos by Muybridge

Great page giving tips and hints on photographing movement with suggestions on shutter speeds to get different effects

Harold Edgerton

Harold Edgerton

Etienne Jules Marey

Edward Muybridge

Edexcel Exam Art / Graphics / Photography / Textiles 2016 Power Energy And Dynamism Sally McKay dynamic figure paintings

English Artist who draws and paints from dancers

Edexcel AS Photography / Art / Graphics / Textiles Exam 2016 Energy Power Dynamism Ruud Baan Water Portraits

Ruud Baan Photos

With a high-action, liquid heavy perspective, photographer Ruud Baan has painted a series of watery portraits with his camera.  Exhibiting a kinetic emotion with a watery sense of time’s slowness, Baan has photographed the self awareness of humanity in a watery medium. 

Bill Viola

Bill Viola Installation / Video Artist

Bill Viola website

Bill Viola makes videos where time is controlled. Slowed down and run backwards so that a moment seems to last forever. The videos are projected on a huge scale so that they dominate your senses.

click for link to video

Edexcel AS Art / Photography Exam 2016 : Energy, Power and Dynamism - Ripples Movement

Ripples caused by water droplets in a bath

1. Shallow bath - 10cm deep
2. Flash gun at angle to water so that the ripples of the sirface are emphasised
3 Higher aperture F11 + to ensure everything is in focus
4 Droplets of water squeezed from a cloth