Thursday, 3 October 2013

Manipulation of Images Digital and non digital

Non digital. Cottingley Fairies. 1917. Two young girls in East Yorkshire take photos of the fairies they play with at the bottom of their garden. In an age of early photography 'the camera never lies' people including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories were convinced by the photos. The fairies to our eyes accustomed to manipulated or illusionist images look like the paper cut outs pinned to the bush that they were, but in an more innocent age paintings were illusions and photographs were real.

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James Dean, NYC, 1955 —printing annotations by Pablo Inirio
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Dennis Stock

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Pablo Inirio 1950s photographer has annotated his photos with detailed instructions of how he is going to vary the exposure of different parts of the print to manipulate the exposure of the image. Dodging and burning. Masking out areas of the photographic paper to increase exposure and make areas darker (burning) or decrease exposure and make areas lighter (dodging)

So photos have been manipulated outside the camera for as long as there have been photographs.

Jerry Uelsman 1961 

Symbolic Mutation

Images layered or blended in the enlarger no photoshop

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Anton Corbijn

Anton Corbijn - Tom Waits

Play around with the gamma, exposure and tone in photoshop and see how far you can push it

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Liam Frankland


Manipulate ISO to create grain in photos

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Andrea DeFreitas double exposures - these can be done in camera by winding the film back or by layer images in photoshop and using the layers menu on the bottom right

Simply invert the tones or colours in one of your images

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Emily Allchurch's version of Pieter Brughels 'Tower Of Babel' reimagined as The Tower of London

Emily Allchurch

More overtly digital Artist, rebuilds lost buildings using digital photos taken on her phone

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Britain in pictures BBC webpage with her work click here

Pierre Beteille - creative digital artist and photographer click here

Simon Siwak surreal and very creepy photographer / digital artist click here 

Misha Gordin click here

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JF Rauzier big flamboyant photoshop images click here