Thursday, 15 September 2011

Photo Joiners

Looking into the past

Humorous joiner photos

Mixing Past and Present

David Hockney Polaroids

CParker_Digital Joiner.jpg
C Parker Digital Joiner looking at the passage of time

Photoshoppery and image manipulation

Urban Ex Urban Exploration or decaying old buildings

Romain Veillon French Urban Photographer his website

Excellent Urban Exploration website -

Forum style website where enthusiasts post photos of decaying buildings and institutions

Mr Higgins' personal favourite Dan Dubowitz click here

Direct link to pages from his book on Italian Abandoned Buildings click here

Very dark website where decaying abandoned buildings form the backdrop for some gothic tableau

European Urban Exploration Website -

Studio 51 complicated site structure but amazing photos -

Decayed Places -

Website for book on Elis Island by Stephen Wilkes click here

Links to lots of similar sites -

Landscape Manmade and Natural Form

Frans Lanting - great natural form / landscape -

Bruce Percy - Landscape Photographer -

Jim Radcliffe -

Jim Radcliffe Landscape Photography - click here

Ken Rockwell -

Ghost Towns in the US

Maciek Duczunski

Cole Thompson - The Ghosts of Great Britain -

Cole Thompson - Enduring Giants - click here

Cole Thompson - Old Things - click here

Ken Rockwell - Route 66 USA -

Cole Thompson - b/w photos of Grain Silos -

John Reynolds -


Urban Decay and Abandoned Buildings

Urban Landscape Website -

More Urban Landscapes forbidden landscapes website click here

28days letter more urban decay style photography - click here

Comtamination Zone click here

Hours of darkness - nighttime photography & urban decay click here

Urban Exploration website click here


Radeka Photography click here

London Galleries

Atlas Gallery -

National Portrait Gallery -

Photographers Gallery -

Victoria & Albert -

General Photography

Andre Kertesz

Excellent B/W photographs with interesting compositions

Robert Flickk photographer who takes sequences of photos

Joseph Bellows Gallery

Movement September 2011

Movement Photography
scroll down for specific photographers

Great page giving tips and hints on photographing movement with suggestions on shutter speeds to get different effects

Harold Edgerton

Harold Edgerton

Etienne Jules Marey

Edward Muybridge

Tom Phillips

Tom Philips is an artist not a photographer. The shots in his ongoing project 20 Sites n Years are just snapshots, badly cropped passers by, badly parked cars that block the views and even a passing tank appear in his shots of London locations. What is impressive is the fact that for the last 38 years he has taken 20 shots at the same time on the same day each year - and it is the slow change over time that is impressive